Why Every Specialty Infusion Pharmacy Patient Needs an Advocate

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We could all use a little help from time to time, but anyone who may require a specialty infusion pharmacy for care will find that their diagnosis requires a lot of legwork. Between the phone calls and the paperwork, these patients can quickly become overwhelmed. Not only do they have to manage the logistics of their illness; they have to do it while they’re not feeling well. This is where patient advocates come in. Having someone who can deal with the healthcare side can be a huge help, and it’s even better if the patient has a single point of contact. 

Common Challenges Patients Face

When you’re to the point where you need to utilize a specialty infusion pharmacy, you’re dealing with complex treatment regimens that are hard enough to keep track of, nonetheless coordinate the care. The more specialized the treatment, the higher the cost, and insurance often needs additional evidence that specialized treatments are needed. These treatments can cause adverse reactions, especially if they’re not taken correctly. It can also be isolating to have a complex illness. Patients can struggle with feeling like they don’t have the resources or support they need. 

Providing Resources and Support

The primary function of patient advocates is advocating for patient rights and their access to care. This is one of the most valuable services advocates offer. They also provide education to patients where it’s needed, including information about treatment options. Patient advocates assist with every part of the process, which often includes handling insurance and financial issues that come up. They serve as a liaison between patients and their healthcare providers, ensuring the best possible care for patients and clear communication to providers. 

Why Choose AvevoRx 

Patient advocates can handle any of the areas described above, but AvevoRx patient advocates take care of it all. A single point of contact from AvevoRx will stay with each patient for every step of the journey, from the referral and intake process through their entire treatment process. Patients, providers and payers receive 24/7 support, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. Our advocates take each complex situation and handle it with service, speed and simplicity in mind. 

At AvevoRx, we believe patient advocates are essential for patients who require specialty pharmacy infusion care. Signing up is easy, with real humans involved every step of the way, from home self-infusion training to financial assistance and beyond. Patients with complex conditions, as well as their providers and payers, can count on AvevoRx to provide personalized care throughout the process. Contact us today to learn more. 

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