Understanding Which Patients May Require a Specialty Infusion Pharmacy

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When you determine that your patient needs specialized care, the next step is finding out where they should go next in their health journey. This can be a challenging time in a patient’s life, and as your doctor, you are their trusted advisor. For patients with chronic and complex health conditions, the best option may be a specialty infusion pharmacy. 

Specialty infusion pharmacies like AvevoRx provide assistance every step of the way, from drug education and delivery services and in-home infusion to guiding patients through financial assistance and reimbursement. This level of personalized service can make a challenging health journey easier. Patients with the following types of conditions can benefit from working with a specialty infusion pharmacy. 

Autoimmune Disorders and Immune Deficiency

Patients with autoimmune disorders and immune deficiency can benefit from immune globulin (IG) treatments, known as IVIG and SubQ Ig treatments. IG is a purified concentration of human antibodies that can be used to treat hundreds of medical conditions that affect multiple organ systems. 

Without these treatments, patients can have a difficult time absorbing nutrients like B12, which can further complicate their health issues. If your patient has a medical condition that falls into one of these categories, consider connecting them with a specialty infusion pharmacy so an advocate can help them get on the road to a more comfortable life.

Chronic Inflammation

Conditions that cause chronic inflammation, such as Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis, often have a significant impact on one’s quality of life. With the help of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) blockers, these patients can experience relief from the unnecessary inflammation that excess TNF creates. 

Medication and physical therapy alone may not be enough to combat these conditions. If these interventions don’t provide adequate relief, patients should consider infusion therapy. With the help of a specialty infusion pharmacy, patients can receive at-home infusions of TNF blockers with a single assigned trained medical professional. 

Bleeding Disorders

When a patient’s blood is missing or deficient in certain clotting proteins, you may find that they have a bleeding disorder, such as Hemophilia or Von Willebrand disease. These conditions can be treated with various types of infusion therapy that can be broken down into a few different categories, the main ones being recombinants, plasma-derived treatments and anti-inhibitor coagulant complexes. 

One of the most common methods for treating bleeding disorders is infusion therapy. Working with a specialty infusion pharmacy, a patient can find out which type or types of infusion are recommended for their disorder and make a treatment plan accordingly. 

Complex Conditions

Patients who have multiple chronic conditions, which according to the CDC is 4 in 10 adults in the US, can often benefit from infusion therapy. Those with complex conditions, such as Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and many types of cancer, also find specialty infusion care beneficial. Other methods of treatment typically address individual symptoms, while infusion therapy can provide relief in several areas at once. 

Working with a specialty infusion pharmacy like AvevoRx means that these patients can have peace of mind and a well laid-out plan. These patients often spend a great deal of time and energy figuring out what to do about their medical conditions, and patient advocates can ease that burden. 

At AvevoRx, we deliver speed, service and simplicity to patients needing specialty infusion treatments. Signing up is easy, with real humans involved every step of the way. Patients with chronic and complex conditions, as well as their providers and payers, can count on AvevoRx to provide personalized care throughout the process. Contact us today to learn more. 

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