The Importance of Personalized Care for Bleeding Disorders

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When you have an illness that requires specialized treatment, personalized care can be a game changer. Bleeding disorders make nearly every aspect of a patient’s life harder than it is for the average person. From needing to be careful while exercising to avoiding cuts and scrapes, these patients find themselves at risk daily. With personalized care and the proper treatments, patients with bleeding disorders can live long, relatively healthy lives. 

Types of Bleeding Disorders

Even if you don’t have a bleeding disorder or specialize in them, you have likely heard of hemophilia. Patients can have either hemophilia A, meaning they have a Factor VIII deficiency, or hemophilia B, meaning they have a factor IX deficiency. Another common bleeding disorder is Von Willebrand Disease. Other rare bleeding disorders to look out for include factor VII deficiency, factor XIII deficiency and Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia. 

The Impacts of Bleeding Disorders on Patients

The most notable impact bleeding disorders have on patients is their physical wellbeing. These patients can face several symptoms and challenges, including frequent and uncontrolled bleeding episodes, joint pain and damage, fatigue and difficulty participating in physical activities. Living with one of these chronic conditions often causes feelings of fear, anxiety, depression and isolation. They also experience a financial burden due to the numerous specialized medications, doctor’s visits, hospitalizations and treatments required to manage their illness. 

The Benefits of Personalized Care for Bleeding Disorders

No two patients are the same, and those with bleeding disorders are no exception. That’s why they need personalized care. Tailored treatment plans that address a patient’s individual concerns give the patient a better chance to thrive. There’s also more room for constant monitoring and support when patients have an advocate with medical experience. Personalized care tailored to the patient that addresses their specific disorder, lifestyle and changes in their condition can lead to improved outcomes and quality of life. 

AvevoRx: Providing Personalized Care for Individuals with Bleeding Disorders

While it’s clear that patients with bleeding disorders can benefit from specialized care, you may not know the best place to find it. Fortunately, AvevoRx is here to help. With decades of experience treating bleeding disorders, our dedicated team of healthcare professionals takes pride in offering personalized care for every patient. Each person in our program has a single point of contact known as a patient advocate. The advocate stays with the patient throughout their patient journey, assisting with home infusion therapy scheduling, prescription education, and more. 

At AvevoRx, we believe patient advocates are essential for patients with bleeding disorders. Signing up for our program is easy, with real humans involved every step of the way. Patients with bleeding disorders, as well as their providers and payers, can count on AvevoRx to provide personalized care throughout the process. Contact us today to learn more.

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