Offering Personalized Care for Patients with Immune Deficiencies

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Treating immune deficiencies often requires specialty infusion care through immune globulin (IG) treatments. As veterans in the medical industry, the team at AvevoRx provides these infusions to patients with service, speed and simplicity in mind. 

Each patient has a single point of contact, an advocate who gives the patient the best possible care throughout their journey. Through personalized treatment plans and a commitment to ongoing care for patients, caregivers and payors, we help those who have immune deficiencies live healthier lives.

What is IG infusion therapy? 

Patients with immune deficiencies are often prescribed IG infusion therapy. Immune globulin is a purified concentration of human antibodies that are collected from plasma donors, quarantined, then sterilized and formulated into a medication. It’s sometimes called a “polyclonal antibody” due to the many types of antibodies it contains. It is used to treat hundreds of medical conditions, such as immune deficiencies and autoimmune disorders.

How does IG therapy help with immune deficiencies? 

Immune deficiencies can happen in a couple different ways: they’re either primary, meaning they’re inherited, or secondary, meaning they’re caused by another condition. Either way, having a poor immune system increases your chances of developing an infection. Using IG products can help patients with immune deficiencies replace low levels of antibodies in the blood. This helps boost the immune system and the ability to fight off infection. 

Why go to AvevoRx for IG infusion therapy treatments? 

AvevoRx is an independent provider of specialty infusion pharmacy and infusion care services. Our patients receive at-home infusion therapy with a single provider and a patient advocate by their side. For patients with immune deficiencies, going to a hospital for treatment can mean exposure to a variety of potential infections. At-home infusion care allows patients to be treated in the comfort of their homes while avoiding the risks associated with hospital visits and stays. Working with AvevoRx means having a trusted partner with a track record of commitment and quality. 

At AvevoRx, we deliver speed, service and simplicity to patients needing specialty infusion treatments. Signing up is easy, with real humans involved every step of the way, from drug and disease education to financial assistance and beyond. Patients with complex conditions, as well as their providers and payers, can count on AvevoRx to provide personalized care throughout the process. Contact us today to learn more. 

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