How Specialty Infusion Pharmacy and Infusion Care Can Improve Patient Outcomes

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Living with a chronic or complex medical condition can mean prolonged periods of time spent in the hospital, in an uncomfortable environment and away from home. These hospital visits can be a source of anxiety, and in extreme cases, trauma, due to a lack of personalized care. Specialty infusion pharmacy and infusion care providers are looking to change that narrative. 

Patients who previously would be required to spend much of their time in the hospital can now receive many of the same services, such as infusion therapy, at home. Here’s how this can lead to better patient outcomes. 

Less Risk of Exposure to Infections

In a hospital setting, patients run the risk of being exposed to whatever illnesses other patients have. For immunocompromised people, this can put them at serious risk. However, with home infusion therapy, patients are only exposed to the nurse taking care of them. In some cases, where patients can self-administer medication, exposure to others is even more limited, making treatment a safer experience. 

Single Point of Contact for Patient Care

For patients with multiple chronic conditions, time spent in the hospital is second only to time spent on the phone with various providers. With specialty infusion pharmacy and infusion care with a provider like AvevoRx, this time is reduced drastically. Each patient is partnered with an advocate throughout their patient journey. Advocates help patients obtain medication refills, advise patients on what they need to do, and coordinate any specialty infusion visits. 

Personalized Treatment Experience

In a hospital setting, there’s no guarantee that a patient will be working with the same healthcare provider on a regular basis. That’s one key way specialty infusion care differs. Along with a single patient advocate, each patient has the option to work with the same healthcare provider for every appointment. Depending on the medication, that provider may train them to self-administer their medication.

Expertise on Treatment Options

Specialty pharmacy and infusion care advocates do more than make appointments and help with prescriptions. Patient advocates provide drug and disease education, as well as pharmacy counseling. This can help vulnerable people with chronic diseases navigate complex medical systems that don’t inherently set them up for success. One major benefit of having a specialty pharmacy is that many drugs and supplies can be delivered, rather than patients needing to travel to a pharmacy to pick them up.  

Greater Independence for Patients

When someone is diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, one of the major obstacles is often a new lack of independence. Specialty pharmacy and infusion care gives some of that independence back. Patients who receive care at home don’t need to rely on others for transportation to the hospital when it’s not feasible to make the trip on their own. With some medications and infusions, there’s an option to self-administer. At-home nurses can walk patients through this process so they feel empowered to take care of their own medical needs. 

If you have a patient with a chronic or complex illness, specialty infusion care may be what they need to live an easier, more comfortable life. At AvevoRx, we deliver speed, service and simplicity to patients needing specialty infusion treatments. Our goal each day is to help patients with chronic complex conditions safely within the comfort of their homes. Our personalized treatment plans also come with a commitment from our team — a commitment to communicate and support patients and providers each step of the way. Contact us today to learn more. 

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