How Home Infusion Therapy Benefits Patients with Autoimmune Disorders

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Living with an autoimmune disorder can be exhausting, especially during and in the aftermath of a pandemic. When you have this type of disease, the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells. It can do that anywhere in the body and even in multiple areas, such as nerves, skin, muscles and bone. Fortunately, there are treatments available for these aggressive conditions. Immune globulin (IG) treatments treat a variety of autoimmune disorders, and they can be delivered through home infusion therapy.

What is home infusion therapy?

Patients with autoimmune disorders receive IG treatments, also known as IVIG and SubQ Ig treatments. Infusion therapy can also be given through a catheter, depending on the type of treatment. There are a couple options for how to receive the treatment: at a hospital or at home. Being treated at home is often a safer, more comfortable option for patients with autoimmune disorders. With home infusion therapy through AvevoRx, a single provider is assigned to each patient so that they can have a consistent experience and build a rapport with the nurse or physician providing the therapy.

Why would a patient avoid hospital infusion therapy?

While having an autoimmune disease does not automatically mean that you’re immunocompromised, treatments for these diseases can have an impact on the immune system. Staying in a hospital setting for a prolonged period of time can lead to exposure to a variety of infections. Hospital stays can also be costly, especially if a patient needs to stay overnight or pay to travel to the nearest hospital. Being at the hospital also means a less personalized experience, as who treats the patient will depend, in some part, on who is available at the time. 

What makes home infusion therapy a better option? 

For a patient with an autoimmune disease, going through life can be uncomfortable. Receiving care in the comfort of their home can relieve a great deal of stress. The patient doesn’t have to worry about getting to the hospital, needing to stay at the hospital if something happens during treatment, or wondering who they’re going to see when they get there. They have a single point of contact to help them set up appointments on their schedule. The provider who comes over will become a familiar face over time. All in all, the patient can have a more pleasant, personalized experience receiving care at home. 

At AvevoRx, our goal each day is to help patients with autoimmune disorders safely within the comfort of their homes. Our personalized treatment plans also come with a commitment from our team — a commitment to communicate and support patients and providers each step of the way. We deliver speed, service and simplicity to patients needing specialty infusion treatments. Contact us today to learn more. 

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