How Specialty Infusion Pharmacies Promote Collaboration with Healthcare Providers

Having a patient with a chronic illness isn’t easy. They often have several specialists, different pharmacies, long lists of specialized medications — and then there’s the illness. Keeping track of everything that’s going on with a patient like this can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know everyone involved in their care. This is […]

Top Treatment Options for Bleeding Disorders: A Guide for Patients

Some disorders require specialized treatment, with bleeding disorders falling into that category. These disorders have a profound impact on every aspect of a patient’s life – even a small cut or injury can be devastating, making everyday tasks a challenge. Some of the most common bleeding disorders include hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and platelet disorders, […]

5 Ways Self-Infusion Gives Patients Their Independence Back

When patients find themselves faced with a chronic illness diagnosis, they often have a feeling of losing control. Their diagnosis is something that happened to them, and while they can choose a course of treatment, there’s a lot that’s suddenly out of their hands. When a condition requires infusion therapy, that means taking treatments that […]

Home Infusion Therapy: A Safe Alternative to Hospital-based Care

Patients who deal with many chronic or complex conditions can benefit from infusion therapy. They have the option to receive this type of therapy in a hospital setting or from the comfort of their homes. Home infusion therapy has shown to be a better alternative for patients who struggle to make it to the hospital […]

Why Every Specialty Infusion Pharmacy Patient Needs an Advocate

We could all use a little help from time to time, but anyone who may require a specialty infusion pharmacy for care will find that their diagnosis requires a lot of legwork. Between the phone calls and the paperwork, these patients can quickly become overwhelmed. Not only do they have to manage the logistics of […]

6 Foods That Reduce Inflammation for Patients with GI Inflammation

While gastric inflammation, or gastritis, may have any number of causes, the main risk factors include bacterial infection, excessive alcohol use, stress and illnesses like cancer or autoimmune disorders. Eating foods that reduce inflammation can, over time, reduce the amount of pain and discomfort you experience from GI inflammation. They can work in tandem with […]

Helping Your Patient Navigate a Chronic Disease Diagnosis

Your patient has been experiencing symptom after symptom, and you’ve been through months of running tests and comparing data. The day has finally come when you’ve concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that your patient has a chronic disease. As their doctor, it’s your duty to break this news to them. They may have figured it […]

5 Helpful Tips for Patients Who Require Self-Infusion

A complex or chronic illness diagnosis often leads to a series of major changes in your life. Some patients discover that they have the option of self-infusion, which provides freedom and flexibility in a difficult situation. Although this is good news, it doesn’t come without its own set of complications. Most people aren’t trained on […]

5 Everyday Habits to Help Manage Bleeding Disorder Symptoms

Living with a bleeding disorder often means seeing all kinds of specialists, from physical therapists to dentists, on a regular basis. Some bleeding disorder patients also require infusion therapy, which can be done in the hospital or at home. With this much of life dedicated to medical care, these patients may wonder if there’s anything […]

Understanding Which Patients May Require a Specialty Infusion Pharmacy

When you determine that your patient needs specialized care, the next step is finding out where they should go next in their health journey. This can be a challenging time in a patient’s life, and as your doctor, you are their trusted advisor. For patients with chronic and complex health conditions, the best option may […]

Why Training for Self-Infusion is Essential for Patients

Specialty infusion care can be life-changing for individuals with chronic and complex medical conditions. For certain types of infusion therapy treatment, patients can be trained to self-administer the infusion. Self-infusion provides freedom and flexibility, and it’s often a more affordable option than having a medical professional administer the infusion. The first step in finding self […]

How AvevoRx Advocates Help Patients with Complex Conditions Thrive

When you find out you have a chronic illness, or in some cases multiple chronic illnesses, it can turn your world upside down. You may not know where to turn, and chances are, you’ve heard horror stories from friends or family members about their medical journeys. At AvevoRx, we aim to remove the hassle and […]

How Home Infusion Therapy Benefits Patients with Autoimmune Disorders

Living with an autoimmune disorder can be exhausting, especially during and in the aftermath of a pandemic. When you have this type of disease, the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells. It can do that anywhere in the body and even in multiple areas, such as nerves, skin, muscles and bone. Fortunately, there are […]

Offering Personalized Care for Patients with Immune Deficiencies

Treating immune deficiencies often requires specialty infusion care through immune globulin (IG) treatments. As veterans in the medical industry, the team at AvevoRx provides these infusions to patients with service, speed and simplicity in mind.  Each patient has a single point of contact, an advocate who gives the patient the best possible care throughout their […]

Comparing Home Infusion Therapy with Hospital-Based Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapies are life-saving treatment options for millions of people across the US. For infusion therapy patients, there are two different treatment styles available: at-home infusion therapy or hospital-based therapies. As a specialty infusion provider, we know a thing or two about the differences between home-based and hospital-based infusion therapies. In this blog, we’ll unpack […]

How AvevoRx Can Help Provide Treatments for Bleeding Disorders

Patients who have bleeding disorders tend to spend a lot of time in doctor’s offices. Between physical therapy checkups, blood tests, x-rays and extra dental visits, there’s hardly time to book and travel to infusion therapy appointments. Fortunately, providers like AvevoRx can provide home infusion therapy, as well as patient advocacy in other areas, like […]

Understanding TNF Blockers as Treatments

When your patient is diagnosed with a chronic illness, it can be difficult to know where to go next. Coming up with a plan that your patient will consistently follow can be a challenge. Fortunately, TNF blockers have been shown to help patients with a variety of conditions, such as Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis. […]

How Specialty Infusion Pharmacy and Infusion Care Can Improve Patient Outcomes

Living with a chronic or complex medical condition can mean prolonged periods of time spent in the hospital, in an uncomfortable environment and away from home. These hospital visits can be a source of anxiety, and in extreme cases, trauma, due to a lack of personalized care. Specialty infusion pharmacy and infusion care providers are […]

9 Key Benefits to Home Infusion Therapies for Patients

For millions of Americans, infusion therapy is a life-saving form of treatment that provides comfort and independence. Traditionally, this type of therapy has only been performed in a hospital setting. Now, however, patients have the option of having infusion therapy treatments, such as immune globulin and TNF blockers, performed in the comfort of their homes. […]

The AvevoRx Difference: How Compassionate Care Makes a Difference

Current medical care has a huge problem: they’ve forgotten how to care. One of the most common complaints people have with their current medical providers in any capacity is feeling less like a person and more like a number. Customer service capabilities remain one of the biggest issues in healthcare. At AvevoRx, we know that […]

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