At-Home Specialty Infusion Therapy for Patients with Bleeding Disorders

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Infusion Therapy for Bleeding Disorders

Living with a bleeding disorder means constantly being careful not to do activities that could cause excessive bleeding. This often means avoiding high-impact exercise, surgery, and other activities that most people take for granted. However, with the help of infusion therapy treatments, patients with bleeding disorders can live long, healthy lives.

The AvevoRx team has decades of experience in medical care. With that expertise, we ensure that patients, providers and payor partners have the care they need to navigate unique medical journeys. Each bleeding disorder patient has a single point of contact who helps with ordering prescriptions, making appointments and providing all other tools required to stay in good health. With every patient experience, we’re committed to offering service, speed and simplicity.

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AvevoRx patient advocates are with our bleeding disorder patients every step of the way, delivering Service. Speed. Simplicity.

Bleeding Disorders

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