At-Home Neurology Infusion Therapy with AvevoRx

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Infusion Therapy for Neurological Conditions

Neurological disorders can affect the entire body and often require specialized treatment. Whether you have a nerve disorder like Guillain-Barré syndrome or an autoimmune disease like peripheral neuropathy, AvevoRx offers at-home infusion therapy treatments that can help. One of our core therapeutic focuses is intravenous immune globulin (IVIG), which moderates the immune system to slow down or stop the autoimmune response responsible for the symptoms and disease progression.

The AvevoRx team has decades of medical experience, and we specialize in at-home infusion therapy treatments. We can offer infusion by a trained nurse or, if prescribed by a doctor, train a patient or caregiver to perform the infusion. You can depend on us to provide a personalized, comfortable treatment experience with an emphasis on speed, simplicity and service.

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You can count on the team at AvevoRx to provide patients with experienced, personalized infusion therapy care for neurological conditions.


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