9 Key Benefits to Home Infusion Therapies for Patients

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For millions of Americans, infusion therapy is a life-saving form of treatment that provides comfort and independence. Traditionally, this type of therapy has only been performed in a hospital setting. Now, however, patients have the option of having infusion therapy treatments, such as immune globulin and TNF blockers, performed in the comfort of their homes. AvevoRx offers home infusion by trained nurses with patient advocates who help patients every step of the way. Learn about a few key benefits of home infusion therapy treatment. 


Care from the Comfort of Home

Patients who choose home infusion therapy have the benefit of not having to leave their home for this essential medical care. This gives the patient ownership of their healthcare experience, where in a hospital setting, the hospital staff would oversee every aspect of their care. 


Removes the Stress of Transportation

Having a chronic health condition often leads to limited mobility. Not having to worry about leaving the house removes this common obstacle. Those without the ability to drive would benefit from not having to arrange rides to and from the hospital. Patients who can safely drive still benefit from not having to commute, removing unnecessary time and stress from the process. 


Single Healthcare Provider

Patients with complex illnesses are often in a situation where they need to work with several specialists, along with a primary care provider. This often means explaining their case to several providers, but it doesn’t have to when they only have one healthcare provider.


One Point of Contact

Complex illnesses take a village to treat. People who live with these conditions may have several people to call to coordinate care. However, using a specialty care provider that offers home infusion services means only having one. Providers like AvevoRx ensure that each patient has one advocate who helps with medication refills, appointments and more. 


Personalized Treatment Experiences

With a patient advocate and a single healthcare provider, home infusion therapy patients receive a more personalized treatment experience. Working with a specialty infusion care provider means having one healthcare provider who knows the patient, their medical history and exactly what they need in terms of care. 


Reduces Risk of Exposure to Sickness

Staying at a hospital isn’t just expensive and uncomfortable. For those with immune disorders, it can be risky. By not requiring a hospital visit for every infusion therapy appointment, patients can have peace of mind knowing their risk of exposure to sickness will be limited. 


Flexible Scheduling

Working with a single healthcare provider means more flexibility in scheduling. Patients can make appointments with their nurse during a time that works for their schedules. Having one provider also means scheduling fewer appointments overall, saving time and stress. 


Better Health Outcomes

Home infusion therapy allows patients to heal in a more relaxed, comfortable place. Equipment is sterile with no exposure to outside elements. Infusion care providers also have higher safety standards since they’re treating patients in their homes. 


Less Time Spent in Hospitals

For immunocompromised patients, long hospital stays can be risky, and staying away from home and in a hospital for a prolonged period of time can be stressful. The more care patients are able to receive at home, the less time they spend in hospitals. 

Home infusion therapies provide patients with a comfortable, cost-effective alternative to hospital infusion therapy. At AvevoRx, we deliver speed, service and simplicity to patients needing specialty infusion treatments. Our goal each day is to help patients with chronic complex conditions safely within the comfort of their homes. Our personalized treatment plans also come with a commitment from our team — a commitment to communicate and support patients and providers each step of the way. Contact us today to learn more.

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