5 Helpful Tips for Patients Who Require Self-Infusion

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A complex or chronic illness diagnosis often leads to a series of major changes in your life. Some patients discover that they have the option of self-infusion, which provides freedom and flexibility in a difficult situation. Although this is good news, it doesn’t come without its own set of complications. Most people aren’t trained on injecting themselves with medication, nonetheless doing a prolonged infusion. Fortunately, infusion nurses like the exceptional team at AvevoRx  can help with self-infusion training. Even with professional training, however, the process can be intimidating. Here are some tips for patients who are new to self-infusion: 

Wash Your Hands First

Before touching the supplies you’ll be using you self-infuse, you need to wash your hands. The last thing you want is to get an infection from your infusion. Clean any surfaces you’ll be placing your infusion supplies on. This is a crucial part of the process to ensure your safety and allow your medication to work properly.

Clean the Injection Site

Next, clean the injection site. You can use an alcohol wipe or spray on whatever part of the body you’ll be injecting. If you’re injecting your elbow, for example, you’ll want to be careful to clean the entire arm. Once you disinfect the area, give it time to dry. Wet alcohol can cause a stinging pain when you go to insert the needle. 

Avoid Going for the Same Vein

Try to use different veins each time you infuse. During this process, you will likely discover that you have a favorite vein to use. However, using the same one every time can lead to the vein getting worn out, meaning you wouldn’t be able to use it again. Changing it up can keep your veins healthy, even if you need frequent infusions. 

Numbing Cream Can Help

The pain of infusion can be intense, especially when you’re starting your infusion journey. Consider applying numbing cream at least 30 minutes before infusing. If it helps you remember, make it part of your morning routine on days when you’re doing infusions.

Lay Out Your Supplies to Start

It’s always better to be prepared. Think of everything you might need for infusion, including supplies like spare needles and bandages. Even if you don’t use everything, you’ll be glad you had it laid out and ready to go. 

As a specialty infusion provider, AvevoRx encourages patients to learn about self-infusion to see if it’s the best option for them. In most cases, self-infusion allows patients to maintain independence while they navigate their chronic or complex illness. Self-infusion training is one of the many services we offer. Patients can benefit from services like specialty pharmacy care and financial assistance. We work with providers and payers, as well, to ensure that every patient has the best possible experience. Our patient advocates are here to help, providing a single point of contact from the beginning of each patient’s journey. Contact us today to learn more. 

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