Specialty infusion pharmacy and infusion care services with a personal touch.

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AvevoRx is an independent provider of specialty infusion pharmacy and infusion care services. We deliver expert infusion care for patients with chronic, complex conditions – safely in the comfort of their home.

We are innovators in specialty infusion care. This begins with a personalized treatment plan for each patient. It continues with a commitment to ongoing communication and support for patients, caregivers, and the broader healthcare team.

We deliver Service. Speed. Simplicity. Every time.

Personal Services

We offer

Easy referral averorx
Easy referral and intake process (with real human beings!)
In-home infusion services
Third Party
Third-party reimbursement navigation and support
24/7 support avevorx
Nationwide drug and supply delivery
Self-infusion avevorx
Self-infusion training
Access to third-party avevorx
Access to third-party financial assistance
Pharmacy counseling avevorx
Pharmacy counseling
Drug and disease education avevorx
Drug and disease education
24/7 support avevorx
24/7 support

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